Looking for creative people for an online magazine

2 May

Dear Readers

I am looking for writers, photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, animators, artists and video producers for an online magazine that is yet to be launched. If anyone is interested and want to know more, please send me an email at

For your information, it’ll be an English-language, monthly magazine which would focus on human interest stories. For details, mail me! QUICK!


Travel Writing Series – Part 7 (Final)

26 Feb

This is the 7th and final post in my travel writing series. I bid adieu to travel writing (for a little while) with my article on St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.


A gorgeous structure as it stands today, was built in 35 years and is the crowing achievement of Sir Christopher Wren. Art enthusiasts can appreciate the grisaille murals on ceilings which depicts the life of St. Paul, while people the world over can visit the crypt which houses the tombs of the Duke of Wellington, Admiral Horatio Nelson, Sir Christopher Wren, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Sir John Everett Millais, Sir Alexander Fleming, Sir Arthur Sullivan and Henry Moore.

The cathedral has a lot to offer to every visitor, all you need to do is open your heart.

Travel Writing Series – Part 6

22 Feb

The 6th part of my travel writing series transports you to the famous Cu Chi Tunnels of Vietnam, which took close to a quarter century to complete.


The 200 Km of underground tunnels were a hiding place for Viet Cong Guerrillas but acted much more than just a cover from the approaching enemy! Entire classrooms, kitchens, sleeping quarters and social rooms were constructed inside these tunnels.

Get a glimpse of what life was like for Vietnamese people at the time of war and make sure to pay a visit to this war memorial if you happen to find yourself in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

Travel Writing Series – Part 5

18 Feb

Part 5 of the travel writing series is about Turkish Baths in Budapest, Hungary.

Szechenyi Bath and Spa © Civertan Grafikai Stúdió

Szechenyi Bath and Spa © Civertan Grafikai Stúdió

Visit the ‘City of Spas’ to take a dip in the healing hot springs or pamper yourself silly! Either way, it’ll be one trip that is sure to take away your ‘pains’.

In Memoriam

16 Feb

When I think of you, memories flood back in flashes,
The sweet scent of incense sticks and jasmine come to mind,
For they captivated me then and still consumes me now,
As they surface in nostalgia.
I miss you.

The loose end of your nine-yard pastel saris,
Your infectious laughter that filled my heart,
Our afternoon soirees of storytelling and card games,
Moments not quite lost in time.
I miss you.

Silent chants on your prayer beads,
Cycle rickshaw rides on weekend mornings,
The taste of ‘kheer’ that you used to prepare,
Lying under the veil of stars at night.
I miss you.


A simple life that you led by example,
Kindness of your beautiful grey eyes,
My childhood spent basking in your everlasting love,
Your gift of unshakable faith in the magic of the universe.
I miss you.

Even though my heart aches by your absence,
A thought often puts me at ease,
It’s knowing you are in a better place now
And a smile escapes my lips,
For I know you are waiting for me somewhere.

I never really bid you goodbye and there’s still so much left to say,
My story with you haven’t reached its final chapter,
And perhaps that’s my reason for believing,
that death needn’t be the great divide.
When my time comes, I will see you on the other side.

Travel Writing Series- Part 4

12 Feb

Read about packing tips for a camping trip in part 4 of my travel writing series.


This article is especially written for first-time campers who need all the tips they can get. Glance through and make a note of all the things you should carry along in order to enjoy your first camping experience.

Travel Writing Series – Part 3

10 Feb

After a hiatus of a few months, I am back! Apologies for being AWOL- real life got in the way. Continuing with my travel writing series (features that I wrote for an online travel publication),I’ll be posting a few more travel related features in this space.

Presenting the Best Castles to visit in Europe!


This article celebrates the majestic fortifications which have fascinated us from time immemorial. Here’s hoping that a read through the article would inspire you to pack your bags and take a trip to these beautiful castles, which are sure to take your breath away. Enjoy!

For My ‘Professor Morrie’

9 Feb

This one’s for my 11th grade English teacher who inspired me to never give up on my dreams and kick ass! It’s juvenile but so was I when I wrote it.

Who's a teacher?

Who’s a teacher?

Someone asked me once, “How will you define a teacher?”
“Are they the ones who impart knowledge to all or give answers to the seekers?”

I pondered over it for a while and then came to a conclusion,
A teacher can be anybody who gives your problems a solution.

A teacher is the one who inspires all,
It’s not just about coursebooks, it’s to pick us up when we fall.

A teacher is someone who helps learn the lessons,
Beyond the education who gives the suggestions.

A teacher can be anyone who teaches you about life,
Be it a blind man, an orphaned kid or a shamelessly beaten wife.

A teacher is somebody who helps in making your dreams come alive,
A person who makes you believe that the world is yours if only you have the drive.

A teacher is someone who gives wings to your imagination,
Who tells you the secret of the stars or helps discover a new place with equal fascination.

All our life, sometimes we are a student and sometimes a teacher,
But what’s important is that we continue to learn no matter how meagre.

A teacher is not only confined to schools and colleges, I say this without a doubt,
Open your eyes and see clearly what a teacher is all about.

Travel Writing Series – Part 2

6 Oct

Awaken the child in you and get ready to enjoy the ride of your life! Where? Check out the best amusement parks of the world, part 2 of my travel writing series on!


Travel Writing Series – Part 1

5 Oct

Contrary to the ‘theme’ of this blog, I have always seen myself writing non-fiction. Ironically though, I have only showcased my experiments with fiction and poetry on this platform!

Starting today, I’ll be posting a few feature articles on travel that I wrote while working with an online travel information website,

Here is the first one in the non-fiction series on Tree House Resorts in India.


This is good stuff. Happy Reading!

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